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The Ultimate Team-Building Activity For Everyone

Mr. E's Escape Rooms is a unique venue for playing, learning and bonding.
Looking for a new and exciting group activity? We’ve spent months creating each of our escape rooms to provide an immersive and fun adventure game.  As you solve our puzzles and missions, you’ll learn a few things about yourself and the people you’re
playing the game with.
Our game rooms provide hands-on, immersive, cognitive fun for many types of social interactions including families, out-of-town guests, youth groups, Scouts, office parties, military groups, friends night out, date night, employee appreciation, company team building, and more.
From celebrating a special occasion to simply getting out of the house for a fun activity, this is a fantastic way for all types of folks to work together, strengthen relationships and create new bonds.  Our uniquely themed rooms truly provide something for everyone.
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Bring on the Fun!

Our escape rooms are a great team-building activity for everyone. Collaborate with your team and use your analytical skills to find clues, play puzzles, decode riddles, and ultimately solve the room within 60 minutes. Your group will have fun spending quality time together in this immersive and inclusive activity.


Step Up Your Game!

Generation 4 Automated Rooms

Our hi-tech, interactive, immersive game rooms will bring you to the next level of playing escape room games.   Take Polly, here, for example.  He'll provide the help you need so you can escape from walking the plank.

Escape Room Items

Our Players

 Our escape rooms are designed for players of all kinds:

brave, curious, friendly and eager to learn something new about themselves and their team.

Our players are: 

  • Families

  • Friends

  • Out-of-Town House Guests

  • Youth Groups

  • Employee Groups

  • Military Groups

  • Corporate Groups

  • Date Night Couples

  • Boy/Girl Scout Groups

  • Wedding Parties

  • And More!


Our Escape Rooms

Escape Reality with One Hour of Fun and Excitement!

Run Away Steam Punk Train

Step Right In to The Old West

Have an adventure in a "Wild Wild West" type steam train inspired by the movie. Feel your adrenaline rush as you and your fellow passengers realize that the train is without a conductor and headed straight for a cliff! Can you halt the engine before it runs out of track?


Blackbeard's Chest

Welcome Aboard The Queen Ann's Revenge

You and your motley crew of small time bandits decide to sneak aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge to rob Blackbeard of his treasure. Aye, Matey, keep your sea legs steady. Will you escape before he returns from shore to make you walk the plank?


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Our Reviews

Hear More About Us

"We've been to most of the escape rooms in the area. Mr. E's in next level!! Challenging and fun, with a great staff as well.- 5 stars!"

Pablo R - Facebook Review

"My visit to Mr. E's with the family was amazing, we had such a great time and the staff were all so helpful and friendly. It is a great family fun place."

Chan T - Google Review

"My first escape room and it was great. Had a great time. We were also their first escapees. They have 2 rooms and we done the run away train. It was a little difficult but we made it out before our time was up. It definitely took some brain power. I'd absolute recommend Mr. E's Escape Room!"

Jeannie H - Facebook Review


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