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Will I actually be locked inside of a room?

Please remember that these are game rooms built for group fun and team building. Each of our game rooms are held closed by the use of an electro-magnetic lock.  There is a release button both inside and outside the room that any participant can easily push at any time to open the door and walk out.

Will I be in a room with people I don’t know?

It is possible that you may be in a room with people you don't know.  The max number of participants per room is 6.  If you have fewer than 5 players in your group and you prefer not to play with strangers, please make a note at your time of booking or email us with your request so that we may do our best to accommodate.

Are all rooms suitable for children?

Our rooms are designed for families and groups of all kinds.  Good, clean themes and games are what you will find in all of our rooms.  Players of all ages are required to act appropriately, refraining from using the props as a jungle gym or playground.  With that being said, if your child loves solving games and riddles, and you feel that he/she is mentally and behaviorally equipped to play an escape room game, then they are welcome to join you.

What if I've never played an escape room before?

Great!  You are sure to have a fun-filled hour at Mr. E's!  You'll arrive about 15 minutes before your scheduled game so that you can fill out a liability waiver and chat with us about the game.  We'll ask you a few questions so that we can have your game settings adjusted appropriately.  Our goal is to provide an awesome, interactive hour for you and your group.  Be thinking of a team name while you let your excitement build before your arrival.

Can I cancel?

If you've scheduled but suddenly have an emergency preventing you from showing up for your game, please email as soon as possible before the commencement time.  We will be glad to reschedule your game.  You may also cancel, however, all sales are final.

How do I schedule a catered event?

We are proud to partner with two of Fort Walton Beach's premiere restaurants: The Parson's Son BBQ, and Clemenza's at Uptown Station.  If you have a group event that you'd like to have catered while, before, or after team building with our game rooms, please email us to discuss the details.  Keep in mind that both caterers have requested a minimum of 48 hours notice for menu selection and meal count.

Do you still have questions about how Mr. E's Escape Rooms works? Shoot us an email at



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